Tuesday, July 28, 2009


hehe..wat a luvly story between us... Taman layang-layang was d saksi.. and im so hepy.. rely mish those moment.. perhaps one dy, we 'make it' there...hehe! dreaming jew.. day dreaming..day dreaming...day dreaming... but i wanna make it true! true n true! can we dear? 3 months r nothing if we compared to 'ur 3 years'.. =(


it means a lot to me... i don wan it to b 3years but i wish foreva! do u undrstand? em? gosh..wat can i say.. THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, and MAY ''U" BLESS US..
by d way..if 'slanted eyes' meet 'big eyes'? i wonder, wat it wud b? (haha) lurve u...

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