Monday, March 29, 2010


I tod its olready over after d 'nite', but its turn x#*h@ZS damn it!
Just unfair (d feelings) y shud i face ol d things.. am i not gud enough?
dats rite! totally not! it just a ' PENGHINAAN' for me.. (even i noe, u don mean it)
but if d game follow d plan,it shud b perfect...but am i d one who makes d trouble?
It wasnt me!den y shud u blame me?n y shud i keep blaming myself...
y its ol happened... don u noe dat Im stress too? it makes me look totally FOOL!
i noe dat I have no rights to ' touching2 ' like dis way..but its hurting me so much!
Nobody noes..nobody feels...It so embarrasing.. I just cannot face it! can't do it anymore...
so terrible! 3days olready larh... y I keep crying olnite....

knaper aku slalu traser dgn keadaan eh... em... aku sgt tak berpuas hati... 3 hari ini, ati aku saket... setiap kali tingat ape y jadi... SUMPAH!

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