Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YgYg's Day -~nak mai dah~

29th March 2010 - next 2 weeks
big boy punye bufday...
alorh... wat shud i do...?
keep thinking mastura...make it good..
make it forget others but NOT U..
em..should i cook something for him?
tapi ape ya?
I plan to do something...but Im not sure whether it can b happen or not
depends on situation...
I realy wish for it...
just what you did to me...
my dear sgtlarh fussy...
tapi fussy on choosing wat he like or dislike je larh..
terutame BARANG
so, I got problem there..
sebab slalunye ape y cantik dimata aku..
adalah last choice to him (huh)
but on certain things je lorh..
others = PERFECT
(even x sangat pun, he still improve his own self to make it look absolutely perfect)
at last..
I had decided to buy .... for him..
not too special but means a lot
~just need u to care of it~
~just need u to appreciate it~
~just need u to noe dat i Lurve u ~
it will be d perfect gift for u ever dear..
mood: keep thinking.. gud or not?

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