Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MyburgerLab and FoodPanda

 Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.
Hye today nak kasi review berkenaan MyburgerLab nih...
Ok, first of all, we all di Cyberjaya ni memang ada kekangan untuk mendapatkan makanan memandangkan cafe di office adalah terhad.  Maka kami menggunakan khidmat delivery dari FoodPanda untuk order these kinds of foods.

As you can see, above was the picture of our superb lunch yesterday huuuuu.  Flavor of  the burgers are awesome and totally superb.  Actually last week we bought about six burger-set.  Due to the tasty flavor, so  we order another 10boxes burger set. (yesterday)

soooo, on the day, me and one of my colleague went to downstairs as soon as the FoodPanda Man came.  Suddenly when I gave him money for the foods, He reject and said that the meals were already being paid.  I little bit surprise and said, maybe he got a wrong person.  The he made phone call (office). after that he said that we have been chosen (corporate customer) by FOODPANDA and gave us those meals for FREE (total cost was RM260.50).  Happy sangat-sangat taw. senyum sepanjang hari. So, Million thanx to FoodPanda and team =). 

We did enjoy our lunch yesterday =)

 Ini namanya Beautiful Mess 5.0 RM27.++  termasuk side dish an juga GST

Yellow submarine (recommended) RM25.10 (burger+pepsi+mashed Potato).  Including GST
nampak macam suci, tapi bersepah bila makan huuuu.  Yang ni sedap sangat tawww

Side Dish
dia ada 3 types of potato
awesome fries (siapa nak playsafe)
umami mashed potato (flavor bonito, ala2 jopun gitewww)
potato salad (inipun sedapppp baqq hangg)
p/s :soree, exact name tak ingat

Maka, sekian review dari mak. Overall 4/5 .  Price pula between RM20 - RM30 (including side)
Ok lah,  bye bye and wassalam =)


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